Mankato Clinic reports outstanding patient outcomes after implementing the CareSignal program to reach out to patients with chronic conditions.

February 13, 2024 (MANKATO) — Mankato Clinic has helped prevent more than 100 emergency department visits for patients enrolled in the CareSignal program. CareSignal helps engage and monitor patients with chronic conditions including COPD, heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, asthma and depression.

Patients who have been diagnosed with these conditions are invited to enroll in the CareSignal program at no cost to them. The program sends automated text messages or phone calls, at least weekly, to inquire about symptoms related to the patient’s condition. The self-reported information alerts the Mankato Clinic CareSignal team to intervene if a patient’s symptoms worsen.

“Our patients and their families are grateful for the CareSignal program and the assurance that their care team is keeping a close eye on their health. When symptoms change, their care team can catch issues early and prevent emergency room visits and hospitalization,” Marti Wolter, RN, MSN, Chief Clinical Officer, Mankato Clinic, says. “CareSignal alerts prioritize patients who are in need of care so our nurse care managers can promptly reach out to our patients.” 

For Rebecca Corrow, APRN, DNP, Mankato Clinic Internal Medicine, CareSignal is an effective way to monitor patients with chronic diseases at home. Before she sees her patients with high blood pressure, she reviews the CareSignal report because home blood pressure readings give her a more complete picture.

Mankato Clinic implemented CareSignal in August 2021. In addition to preventing more than 100 emergency department visits, an estimated $1.43 million medical care costs have been avoided annually. Since the program began, Mankato Clinic has engaged 2,446 patients and responded to 4,555 proactive alerts. Currently, the clinic is serving 1,984 CareSignal members.

About Mankato Clinic

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