Occupational Therapy – Pediatric

Occupational therapy is individualized evaluation and treatment for the success of occupations or daily activities. Your child's life is made up of many occupations including, but not limited to play skills, school or academic learning, sleeping and independence with functional daily skills such as dressing and eating.


How to Make an Appointment and What to Expect

What can we help with?

  • Fine motor skills (handwriting, cutting, buttoning, opening containers)
  • Visual motor skills (visual tracking skills, copying shapes and patterns, completing puzzles)
  • Sensory processing skills (challenges with sensory input including touch, sound, visual stimuli and movement)
  • Attention and regulation skills (ability to modulate or slow down/speed up our bodies, emotional regulation and attention)
  • Self-care skills (dressing, washing hands, brushing hair, bathing, toileting, self-feeding)
  • Feeding skills (picky eating, sensory challenges with food, self-feeding, oral motor skills)
  • Academic learning (letter recognition, visual tracking skills for reading and handwriting)