We understand healthcare costs are confusing.  Patients are frustrated with the cost of health care along with not knowing how much an appointment, service or test costs until after they receive care.  In addition, many people are not sure how much their insurance will cover.  

The Mankato Clinic strives to be as transparent as possible when it comes to pricing.  Our goal is to provide patients with a cost estimate for the services we provide you.  Below are links to price lists for our 25 most frequently billed healthcare services for Dermatology, Endoscopy Center, General, Pediatrics and Psychiatry/Psychology.

We also encourage patients to call 507-389-8507 to talk with a patient financial services representative from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.  Our representatives can answer your questions and navigate you through the billing process.  

To provide clarity, we are answering your questions on healthcare costs.

  • Why don’t most healthcare organizations share their prices?
    • Prices for health care services vary significantly among providers, even for common procedures, and it’s often difficult for patients to determine their out-of-pocket costs before receiving care. Healthcare organizations can’t predict or find it difficult to determine in advance the health services any given patient will need along with the wide variety of insurance benefit structures. 
  • Who can help me calculate what my out-of-pocket costs will be?
    • Each insurance plan is different.  The Mankato Clinic encourages patients to contact their insurance company to help them determine what the out-of-pocket cost will be. Below is a cost estimation worksheet that can help when calling your insurance company. 
  • Where can I find the pricing for healthcare services at the Mankato Clinic?
    • Below is where you can find the pricing
  • When should I speak with my insurance company about coverage and out-of-pocket costs?
    • The time to speak with your insurance company about coverage and out-of-pocket costs is ideally done before you receive healthcare services. Call the number on the back of your insurance card at least 5 days prior to your upcoming appointment.
  • What information should I have before calling my insurance company about coverage and out-of-pocket costs?
    • When calling your insurance company, you should have the name of service being done, the Current Procedural Terminology Code or CPT code and the estimated cost of the service. We have a cost estimation worksheet that is a good resource to use while speaking with your insurance company.  During your conversation with your insurance company, our patient financial services staff are also available Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm for a conference call.

25 Most Frequently Billed Healthcare Services at the Mankato Clinic

Understanding your Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
Patient Cost Estimation Worksheet

Pay Your Bill Online
We are pleased to be able to offer you online bill pay for your Mankato Clinic bill. Online bill pay is an easy, secure and convenient way to make a payment.

COVID-19 Pricing

Pricing for COVID-19 testing:
COVID-19 Lab test: $100
COVID-19 Antibody Test: $70.56

Most insurances will cover 100% of the COVID-19 lab test and COVID-19 Antibody test cost.  Patients will not be billed for the COVID-19 lab test or antibody test.  If a patient has an office visit (in-person or telehealth) that may be related to COVID-19 we recommend you check with your insurance company concerning coverage.

No Surprise Billing ACT