Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN)

As a woman, your health needs change throughout your life. We are here to care for women from their first menstrual cycle through menopause. We know that great care involves listening, treating the physical and emotional needs of the women we serve and providing a comfortable, relaxed and professional environment. We provide the latest comprehensive evaluation, diagnostic procedures and health maintenance programs available.


Obstetrical Services

Whether you’re looking to conceive or are already pregnant, we are here to help keep you healthy and guide you through a safe pregnancy and delivery. Our full range of obstetric services includes:

  • pre-conception counseling
  • prenatal care
  • family-based labor and delivery care  
  • evaluation and diagnostic services for complex obstetrical patients
  • OB education classes

Gynecological Information

We also provide a wide array of women’s health services designed to address your many needs and concerns, including:

vNotes Hysterectomies

You can have a hysterectomy with:

  • Less pain
  • No scars
  • Faster recovery

vNOTES (vaginal natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery) is a minimally invasive surgery that eliminates the need for your surgeon to make incisions in your abdomen to perform the surgery. In the vNOTES procedure, your doctor uses specialized instruments inserted through the vagina instead of making incisions in your abdomen. This allows your doctor to gain access to the uterus and/or fallopian tubes and ovaries without any visible scarring.

This new method can also be used to remove ovarian cysts, perform sterilizations including tubal ligation and salpingectomy, and treat pelvic floor prolapse.

Mankato Clinic has OB-GYNs who are specially trained to perform vNOTES procedures. Talk with your Mankato Clinic OB-GYN to see if this procedure is right for you.

Dr. Scott Barnacle vNotes podcast

Learn More about vNotes

Fertility Services

Our fertility services provide the latest in infertility evaluation and treatment. As a satellite for three of the leading reproductive clinics in Minnesota, our patients are able to access advanced specialty care and treatment within their own community.

Helpful Information and Resources

During pregnancy:

After delivering your child:

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