Team-based Care

Mankato Clinic has introduced a new patient-friendly model of care called Team-based Care.  This means you, as a patient will have a more personalized visit with your provider. Your appointments will now have a Patient Care Coordinator joining you and the provider in the exam room. 


What you can expect as a patient with Team-based Care:

  • Team Based Care will provide you with an entire team of skilled health care professionals who will work together to meet your needs.
  • A Patient Care Coordinator will assist your provider by electronically documenting what is discussed at your appointment.  This will enable your provider to focus entirely on you during your visit.
  • Your needs will often be completely met during your visit but occasionally follow-up may be required.  Having a Patient Care Coordinator in the appointment will improve the communication with all providers involved in your care
  • This new approach to patient care is designed to ensure you receive preventive health screenings when appropriate and to make sure we follow-up on your chronic health issues as needed.
  • Enhanced communication with your care team is important in team-based care.  Your Patient Care Coordinator will ask you which method of communication you prefer, such as phone calls or emails via your patient portal.  If you don’t have a patient portal account she can help you get it set-up.
  • You may receive an email or text inviting you to complete a survey on your experience.  Please let us know if you do not have a current email address or cell phone on file with us.  We look forward to hearing your feedback.
  • Each Team-Based Care team will have a phone number you can call to leave a message or you can email your provider through the portal.  Appointments will continue to be made by calling the department directly.

Providers practicing Team-based Care:

Family Medicine-Wickersham, Mankato

Family Medicine-North Mankato

Family Medicine-Mapleton

Pediatrics-Children’s Health Center, Mankato

Wound and Ostomy Care-Main Street, Mankato