Mankato Clinic is comprised of an incredible team of providers and staff who pride themselves on providing exceptional care to our patients.

Our staff is empowered to make decisions and is frequently asked for their input. Our clinic has a positive, friendly atmosphere where everyone is respectful and courteous. There is collaboration across the organization that allows employees to rely on each other for assistance.

We are ONE TEAM. Communication is open and honest.  Leadership is transparent with decisions and readily shares information with everyone.  We promote an environment that fosters:

  • taking pride in our work
  • continuous learning
  • creativity and innovation

At the Mankato Clinic, our patients are the focus of everything we do.  Our vision and core values support this focus and are a daily reminder to always think of the patient.  Read more

Mankato Clinic Foundation

The mission of the Mankato Clinic Foundation is to encourage and support the health and well-being of our community through initiatives that promote and improve community wellness. The Foundation receives the majority of its funding from Mankato Clinic physicians, along with giving by Mankato Clinic staff and the Greater Mankato community. Programs of work include:

  • Scholarships to Greater Mankato students entering health care programs
  • Scholarships available for Mankato Clinic staff
  • Community projects and initiatives focused on health care, health education and wellness

Employee Giving

Mankato Clinic employees give generously throughout the year to causes that are important to them. We support local organizations by participating in special events or sending out calls for contributions when a community need is identified.

Volunteer Program

The Mankato Clinic Volunteer Program promotes community involvement and supports the local organizations that matter to our staff.  Our employees make a difference and the Clinic contributes on the employee’s behalf.

Hear from our employees about the Mankato Clinic culture:

Why do you work at the Mankato Clinic?
What would you want patients to know about the Mankato Clinic?
Why do you stay at the Mankato Clinic?
What does ‘together we thrive’ mean to you?
Why is it important that we are involved in the community?
What one word describes working at the Mankato Clinic?

What Providers are Saying:

Describe how you feel about practicing at the Mankato Clinic
Why “Together We Thrive”?