We are dedicated to serving people with kidney disease, as well as preventing kidney related health issues. Our goal is to provide the highest quality care while helping our patients manage their condition and lead active lives.

Mankato Clinic Nephrologists diagnose and treat kidney diseases, such as:

  • kidney failure
  • diabetic kidney disease
  • glomerulonephritis and other hereditary kidney disorders.

This includes both the conditions these diseases can produce, as well as diseases that can cause kidney failure.

Our providers also specialize in treating fluid retention, disorders of the fluid and electrolyte balance and calcium metabolism.

Dialysis Center 
Our kidney dialysis facility offers high quality, accessible and comfortable dialysis care. We have partnered with DaVita, a leading provider of kidney care services to patients with chronic kidney failure and renal disease and offer patients:

  • easy accessibility at Madison East Center
  • 12 state-of-the-art dialysis stations
  • a relaxing, homelike environment

Patient Education

Main Street Clinic
1230 E Main St., Mankato