Many of our patients have unique and compelling stories of hope, courage and strength. We invite you to meet them, as well as some of the dedicated team members here at Mankato Clinic whose expertise and experience often play an important role as these inspiring stories unfold.

Carmen learns to thrive with diabetes

“My diabetes is more like a flowing river instead of a mountain range now,” Carmen says.

Carmen says she feels like a new person. As a wife and mother, her family and home mean the world to her. By keeping diabetes under control, Carmen can fully be there for her family and all life has to offer.

The Roots: We Are Family

Some couples know when they’re ready to start a family. For Alicia and Stephanie Root, it was the day after their honeymoon in the fall of 2017. The New Richland couple chose to conceive a baby with Mankato Clinic Fertility Services.

“We felt welcome, comfortable and accepted at the Mankato Clinic,” Alicia said.

Photo of Doctor and Two Females with Children