Fertility Services

Let us assist you in realizing your dream. The Mankato Clinic fertility program offers hope, compassion and understanding to couples experiencing infertility. Our specialized nurse practitioners and registered nurses understand the special emotional and personal challenges of couples seeking infertility treatment and are here to assist you throughout the journey.


Our fertility program offers a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan that is specific to each couple’s needs. Treatments commonly used with the program include oral ovulation induction medications, as well as injectable medications. All treatment cycles are closely monitored with ultrasounds and lab testing and include same day results and face-to-face meetings with your practitioner. We also offer insemination with partner or donor sperm. Other testing options include checking for tubal patency (a test that checks for blockage in the fallopian tubes) and any abnormalities within the uterus. 

We offer affiliations with some of the largest in vitro fertilization (IVF) centers in the Twin Cities and can offer access to high technology specialty care. 

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