Sometimes a person needs more than healthcare to be healthy. Many things can affect our well-being like being lonely, unable to meet basic needs, language, culture, even our skin color, and where we work, live and play. Project Well-Being bridges the gap to connect patients and families to resources and support with the help of a Community Health Worker.

How Does Project Well-Being Work?

Patients are asked to complete a short screener we call ‘Community Connect’ once a year. The form asks questions about having issues with loneliness, housing, food, job loss, paying bills, insurance, clothing, legal issues and child care- these are called Social Determinants of Health. These topics are not just challenges that lower income or underserved communities face. If you are feeling stressed about any of these things and could use some help, please know that the Community Health Workers are able to help connect you to the resources that are available. There is no cost to you to complete the Community Connect screener or to utilize a Community Health Worker.

The Screener

If a patient checks YES in any of the boxes and check YES to wanting help with any of these issues, a Mankato Clinic Care Manager will set them up with a Community Health Worker who can address their needs in a culturally appropriate and socially sensitive way. CHW’s connect with patients face-to-face, over the phone and even in patients’ homes.

Project Well-Being

If a patient checked YES to having issues and concerns on the screener but does not wish to meet with a Community Health Worker, a resource card with a link to an online directory of local resources and services will be given to them along with an offer to call at any point they may decide to seek assistance.

There is no deadline to enroll in Project Well-Being. If you don’t need help now, but need support later, call the number below to be connected with a Community Health Worker. Project Well-Being is here for support when needed at NO COST.


Copy of the Resource Card

Community Health Workers

The Mankato Clinic is collaborating with Wellshare International to provide Community Health Workers to assist our patients. Their community health workers are trained to provide a range of health services to all patients, including connection to basic needs in the community.

Introducing the Community Health Workers:

Mohamed is a passionate advocate for CHW services in the area. He is a trained physician with years of both public health and surgical experience. Mohamed brings Somali cultural and linguistic capabilities to his role and he serves as an Imam and community organizer at a local Mosque.

Community Connect Screener

Patients are asked to complete the Community Connect Screener once per year.  The screener helps to identify if patients are struggling with meeting basic needs and could use help connecting to resources. There is no cost to complete the form or to receive services.