A woman in scrubs stands in a clean room at the Mankato Clinic Endoscopy Center, preparing supplies and equipment for a procedure.

Mankato Clinic Endoscopy Center is an outpatient, endoscopic facility specializing in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and disorders.

Our Endoscopy Center was constructed to provide this region with advanced, quality gastrointestinal endoscopy in a comfortable, safe and convenient environment. Its professional and caring staff is focused on providing you with the latest technology and information available today regarding endoscopic procedures.

We understand how personal these situations are and how important it is that you are comfortable with your care and surroundings. The Endoscopy Center provides:

  • A private waiting area
  • Patient-focused, specialized staff
  • Four private endoscopy rooms
  • Private pre and post operation recovery areas
  • Advanced equipment

For information about gastrointestinal disorders, colorectal cancer and the procedures performed at the Endoscopy Center, see:

About Colorectal Cancer Screenings

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