Contacting Us After Hours:

If you need care after Mankato Clinic is closed you can reach us at (507) 625-1811. You will be given prompts and can speak to our answering service or to our nurse line.

In addition Mankato Clinic Urgency Care is open evenings and weekends. No appointment is necessary.

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911.

Canceling an Appointment:

If you cannot keep your appointment, please call the department you have an appointment with directly for help rescheduling. Calling as soon as possible is advised as canceling with less than 24 hours’ notice may result in a cancellation charge. 

General Questions and Comments:

If you have a general question or comment you can call us at (507) 625-1811.  If you want to speak to a specific department, you can call them directly.

Allergy: 389-8614
Bluestone: 327-4726
Cardiology: 389-8519
Children’s Health Center-Pediatrics: 389-8529
Dermatology Mankato: 389-8538
Dermatology At River’s Edge: 934-2144
Diabetes & Nutrition Education Center: 389-8572
Diagnostic Imaging Center: 389-8570
Ear Nose and Throat: 385-4025
Endocrinology: 385-4114
Endoscopy Center: 389-8582
Eye Care Center: 385-4070
Extended Care: 385-3822
Family Medicine Daniels: 934-2325
Family Medicine Main Street: 389-8587
Family Medicine North Mankato: 625-5027
Family Medicine Mapleton: 524-3835
Family Medicine Wickersham: 385-4060
Fertility: 389-8522
Foot and Ankle: 385-4055
Gastroenterology: 389-8509
Hearing Care Center: 385-4025

Internal Medicine: 389-8516
Nephrology: 389-8544
Neurology: 389-8568
Obstetrics and Gynecology: 389-8522
Occupational Medicine: 385-4075
Occupational Therapy Adult: 389-8760
Oncology: 389-8513
Otolaryngology (ENT): 385-4025
Pain Management Center: 625-7246
Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine: 389-8529
Pediatric Therapy Services: 388-5437
Psychiatry and Psychology: 387-3195
Physical Therapy: 389-8760
Sanders Sleep Center: 389-8520
Skin Essentials : 625-6599
Sports Medicine: 389-8587
Surgery Colon/Rectal/General: 389-8537
Urgency Care: 389-8680
Urology: 385-4045
Wound and Ostomy Care: 389-8537

The contact form below is not intended to be used for medical emergencies, appointment requests, prescription refills or to contact a provider.  If you have a medical or health concern, please contact your healthcare provider directly.  

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Prescription Refills:

Please contact your pharmacy directly for all prescription refills. Your pharmacy will communicate and work with Mankato Clinic on the details of your prescription.