Photo of Mankato Clinic Hearing Care Center staff, smiling and standing by a railing

Hearing loss is a challenge that can affect quality of life in people of all ages. If you suspect hearing problems, our audiologists can perform a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose hearing loss and help map hearing issues and degrees of severity in detail.

Our audiology team can also provide recommendations and solutions with the latest technology to reduce the effects of your hearing loss and improve your quality of life.

Our comprehensive hearing evaluation is the easiest test you’ll ever take. 

Learn What to Expect at Your Hearing Evaluation

Other services provided by our audiologists include:

  • Video otoscopy (detailed imaging and viewing of ear canal)
  • Digital hearing aids and supplies
  • Hearing aid selection, verification and analysis
  • Hearing aid follow-up services to maximize benefits
  • On-site repairs, maintenance and cleaning of hearing aids
  • Assistive listening devices and accessories
  • Wide variety of custom ear protection options for:
    • Sleeping
    • Water
    • Musicians
    • Noisy / loud environments
    • Others (ask our hearing care team about your needs!)

We recommend contacting your insurance company to find out what your specific plan covers for hearing aids. We have a worksheet that you can click on below. These questions can be used when calling the number on the back of your insurance card.

Our audiology team works closely with Mankato Clinic’s Ear, Nose and Throat physicians as well as other specialties to provide a full range of medical services to hearing impaired individuals.

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