Physical Therapy-Pediatric

Physical therapy is the evaluation and treatment of gross motor skills, focusing on strength, balance and coordination. The goal of physical therapy is to meet your child where they are at and challenge them to become as functionally independent and mobile as possible.


How to Make an Appointment and What to Expect
Concussion Care for Parents and Caregivers
Pelvic Floor Therapy for Kids

What can we help with?

Physical therapists can treat children with varying physical abilities.

  • Torticollis (baby prefers to look to one side/flat spot developing on side or back of head)
  • Delayed motor milestones (not yet crawling, walking, jumping at age appropriate times)
  • Poor coordination (for example, cannot sequence hopscotch)
  • Atypical walking pattern( for example, dragging feet, pointing their feet in or out)
  • Toe walking
  • Frequent tripping or falling
  • Unable to ride a bike
  • Can’t keep up with their family or peers
  • Sports related injuries
  • Post-surgery therapy