September 22, 2015

In the exam rooms, please help yourself to a Patient Card. The card is available for you to fill in your name, primary provider’s information, as well as any specialiast you may see. Included is a spot for allergies, surgical history and any other medical information.

The Patient Card is a vital tool, should you need it. Today, most hospitals have physicans who specialize in hospital medicine and manage your care in the hospital. Because of this, your Mankato Clinic primary care provider will not be managing your care during a hospital stay.

The card also provides reminders if you visit the emergency room or are hospitalized. As noted on the Patient Card it is important to: ask the hospitalist or ER physician managing your care to contact your primary or specialty care provider at the Mankato Clinic; for your follow-up care, make an appointment with your Mankato Clinic primary and/or specialty care provider; sign a release so your hospital records are forwarded to your Mankato Clinic provider.

The Patient Cards are available in all Mankato Clinic exam rooms. For more information call 507-625-1811.