June 12, 2020

In light of the current sad and striking events in the Twin Cities and across Minnesota and our nation, it has become apparent that we as a Clinic must purposefully face the discrimination, hate, and bias experienced by our neighbors. While we have previously made equity and inclusion part of our strategic plan, we need to turn plans into actions. The Mankato Clinic is committed now more than ever to stand in support of our staff, our patients and our community to join this important conversation on systemic inequities and disparities that we know include healthcare. As part of this commitment, we will look to our Vision and Core Values to help guide us. 

Our goal is to become an ally organization choosing to stand for and with marginalized communities (those targeted by oppression, including but not limited to: people of color, immigrants, refugees, LGBTQ people, women, people with disabilities)

We vow to support you and listen to you in the following ways:

Our Patients
The Mankato Clinic Patient Partner Advisory Council is a collaboration between our patients, their families and our providers and staff. The Patient Partner Advisory Council advises our leaders and the healthcare team on ways to improve the experience of all patients and families.  We want to ensure that all of our patients are represented. We will actively reach out to patients of marginalized communities to join our council. To learn more, visit

Our Employees
We will develop Inclusion and Equity listening sessions to learn from our employees and determine how to take action on what we learn.  Our goal is to create the most welcoming and inclusive culture, and with your help we believe we can.

Our Community
We will build on our history of collaboration with organizations such as Greater Mankato Diversity Council, the YWCA, and South Central Minnesota Pride to advise us of opportunities to be a part of the larger conversation. We are committed to encouraging and supporting the community by participating in learning opportunities provided by these organizations that will help us to listen and understand.  We will provide training for our staff and encourage them to engage in local educational opportunities.

We’re committed to making these efforts the beginning of an ongoing and necessary conversation and journey, that will lead to meaningful change.  We believe diversity builds a stronger community where all people can thrive.