Carla Goerish MD

Carla Goerish - Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN) doctor at Main Street Clinic

Dr. Carla Goerish

About Carla Goerish

Dr. Carla Goerish’s goal is to be a good listener and, even more importantly, her approach is to treat her patients how she would like to be treated if she were in their place.

“This is one of the few specialties that allows us to meet the patient at a young age and follow them into menopause and beyond.  Caring for all  that happens to them from  a obstetrical/gynecological standpoint. I love the relationship that I have with my patients!  I chose this specialty because of its ability to combine a  clinical practice, delivering babies, and surgery. It is rewarding for so many reasons!”

In 2001, Dr. Goerish moved to Mankato with her 4 year old twins.  A southern Minnesota native, she wanted her kids to have a similar experience as she did when she was growing up.

“I am so happy that I chose the Mankato Clinic to start my practice so many years ago! It has been a great opportunity for me and the other providers are amazing!”

Outside of work, Dr. Goerish has an adorable rescue dog to occupy her quiet house since her then 4 year old twins are now 22 and busy with school.  Her family and friends  are very important to her and she loves spending time with them.

She tries to exercise regularly to reduce stress.

“I have a goal of doing some leisure reading rather than just medical journals. We will have to see if I find more than 24 hours in the day to achieve that goal!”


Medical Degree
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Obstetrics, Gynecology, Parkland Memorial Hospital, Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX
Board Certification(s)
American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Always pleased with my appointments with Dr. Goerish. Appreciate the lab work and the recommendation for a shingles vaccination.
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