Friday, September 06, 2019

MANKATO (Sept. 3, 2019)— Pediatric Therapy Services is joining the Mankato Clinic on September 3. As part of Mankato Clinic, Pediatric Therapy Services therapists will continue to provide physical, occupational and speech language therapies in its current Mankato locations.

Nancy Dobson, PT, cofounder and owner of Pediatric Therapy Services, is leading the department and continuing her work as a physical therapist. The mission remains the same: To provide therapy to children in a kid-friendly environment and empower caregivers and families to help children reach their potential.     

“I cofounded Pediatric Therapy Services in 1991. I am as passionate now, as then, to help our kids overcome challenges so they can move, play, communicate, learn and just be kids,” Dobson said. “As I plan for my retirement, I am excited to see our work continue as part of Mankato Clinic.”

As regional, independent medical groups, Mankato Clinic and Pediatric Therapy Services had developed a strong partnership and leaders decided the best way to move forward is together. As one organization, Mankato Clinic pediatricians, specialists and pediatric therapists can better collaborate for children’s health and provide high quality care. 

“We know physical, occupational and speech language therapies are essential for many children. We also understand families need these services close to home. We are proud to ensure that these services will continue in our community,” said Randy Farrow, Mankato Clinic CEO.

The Pediatric Therapy Services team will continue to see patients at 150 Saint Andrews Court, Suite 310, Mankato and the satellite office at Mankato Clinic Children’s Health Center, Wickersham Health Campus.

 Mankato Clinic welcomes 25 pediatric therapists to the Mankato Clinic family of providers. To learn more, click here