Thursday, July 26, 2018

When patients come in for chemotherapy treatments, they sit for hours to receive treatments in the Infusion Center at Mankato Clinic. To provide optimum care and comfort to our patients, Mankato Clinic Oncology purchased and installed 12 new infusion chairs in the Infusion Center in June. The Mankato Clinic Foundation donated half of the purchase price from its Cancer Patient Support Fund.

The new Medcor infusion chairs are making a difference in patient care and comfort. Many patients feel cold from the treatments and find it difficult to sit throughout the day. The new chairs have heat and massage features to help patients feel more relaxed and comfortable. One patient likened the experience to being at a spa.

“In the Infusion Center, our staff cares for each patient as though they are family. We truly listen to our patients. We want to make treatment as comfortable and positive as we can for them,” Niki Clarksean, RN, Oncology, said.

Terry Lewis of New Richland has been receiving chemotherapy treatments since August 2017 in the Mankato Clinic Infusion Center. Lewis has multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that affects plasma cells. The plasma cells grow in the bone marrow and can cause bone destruction, tumors, kidney damage and impaired immune function.

His chemotherapy cycles have varied in the past year. This summer, Lewis has spent Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in an infusion chair for two to three hours at a time. He is finishing the cycle this week. Then he will switch to maintenance therapy that requires monthly visits until February.    

Lewis has spent hours in the old and new infusion chairs. In fact, he was receiving chemotherapy when the new chairs were delivered. For Lewis, at 6 feet tall, the chairs are much more comfortable. He reclines and takes many naps in the new chairs. He doesn’t use the heat, but he likes the massage feature.

“That’s awesome. My back was broken from this cancer,” Lewis said. “The genuine concern of the staff is awesome. It’s convenient and close to home.”

Jennifer Woratschka, RN, checks on Terry Lewis, who is receiving chemotheraphy for multiple myeloma at Mankato Clinic Infusion Center. Mankato Clinic purchased new infusion chairs to make treatments more comfortable for patients.