Monday, November 05, 2018

Virus outbreaks, floods, tornadoes, contaminated water and violent events require a coordinated regional response among healthcare organizations, emergency management, public health and public safety.

As a member of the South Central Healthcare Coalition, Mankato Clinic works with regional partners to prepare to respond to unexpected events. In 2018, Mankato Clinic participated in trainings on contaminated water, a cyber attack and workplace violence. In these trainings, staff apply emergency action plans to mock events to identify ways to improve the response.

Dan Hart, RN, director of diagnostic imaging and physical therapy, leads the Mankato Clinic disaster readiness core team and serves on the advisory committee of the Healthcare Coalition. A paramedic and emergency medical technician, he has been involved in disaster readiness since 1994.

“During a disaster we need to work together as a community to respond and address the needs. Being part of the South Central Healthcare Coalition is vital to communicate between regional entities and learn from each other as healthcare organizations,” Hart said.

In October, Mankato Clinic worked with Mankato Public Safety officials and Eric Weller, Healthcare Coalition coordinator, to provide active violence training to more than 80 people. The Orthopaedic & Fracture Clinic, Mankato Surgery Center, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare and all Mankato Clinic facilities participated. 

“Community emergency preparedness is important. When City of Mankato public safety training is integrated with citizens and businesses engaged in what they do every day, it highlights that citizens are an important part of the response in unexpected events,” Mankato City Manager Patrick Hentges said.

The South Central Healthcare Coalition brings healthcare, government agencies, community organizations, business and industry together to prepare for and respond to emergencies. “By working together, we can have a better outcome should an emergency occur. We have to respond together,” Weller said. 

About South Central Healthcare Coalition

Founded in 2002, the South Central Healthcare Coalition brings together healthcare and community partners to increase disaster preparedness and resiliency. The coalition provides education and training, technical assistance, information sharing and situational awareness to partners in an 11-county area.