Wednesday, July 06, 2016

With more patients making appointments and voicing concerns over their skin there has been a shortage of dermatologists in the area, but the Mankato Clinic was fortunate to recruit multiple providers in the past year and add a new location.

To allow more access to care for their patients and their skin, the Mankato Clinic is proud to announce that they have expanded their Dermatology Department to add four new providers, for a total of nine dermatologists, who practice at two locations. With the addition of the now-open Dermatology Department at the River’s Edge Campus in St. Peter, they are now the largest dermatology center in southwest Minnesota.

The Mankato Clinic Dermatology provides clinical and surgical treatment for a variety of skin conditions, rashes and skin cancers. Mankato Clinic Dermatology is looking forward to offering high-quality care that is accessible to southern Minnesota residents.

Joining Drs. James Benzmiller, Cathy Davis, Don Davis and Brenda Kruse, PA-C and Crista Wilkening, NP in caring for patients at both Mankato Clinic locations at Madison East center and the River’s Edge Campus are Paul Bandelin, DO and Drs. Rachel Qualley, Anne Neeley and Lorraine Griffin.

Paul Bandelin, DO: Dr. Bandelin joined the Mankato Clinic in July 2016. His clinical interests include general dermatology, skin cancer and surgery, skin of color and skin manifestations or systemic disease. In his spare time, Dr. Bandelin enjoys spending time with his wife and four children. Dr. Bandelin is located at the River’s Edge Campus.

Rachel Qualley, MD: Dr. Qualley joined the Mankato Clinic in September 2015. She has more than 14 years of clinical and cosmetic dermatology experience. Dr. Qualley, her husband and their three children like spending time outdoors and going camping.

Anne Neeley, MD: Dr. Neeley joined the Mankato Clinic in July 2016. Her clinical interests include skin cancer, contact dermatitis, acne and psoriasis. Dr. Neeley is located at the River’s Edge Campus.

Lorraine Griffin, MD: Dr. Griffin joined the Mankato Clinic in November 2015. Her clinical interests include general and cosmetic dermatology, hair and nail conditions, skin cancer and surgery. In her spare time, Dr. Griffin enjoys playing the oboe and French horn and singing.

Mankato Clinic Dermatology at the River’s Edge Campus is located at 1900 North Sunrise Drive, suite 300, St. Peter, MN.