Captain Corey Wheeler, with her husband Captain Andy Wheeler, leads the Mankato Salvation Army where she shelters, feeds, clothes and cares for people in crisis. For this mother of 5 children, It was time to take care of herself.

“We have to stop feeling guilty for investing in ourselves. We are so much better when we take the time to take care of ourselves. Whether that’s mentally, spiritually, emotionally or physically. We only have this one life, let’s take care of ourselves to make it a great one.”

That’s why Corey met with her physician, Dr. Katie Thompson, Mankato Clinic Family Medicine. She had tried to lose weight and nothing was working. She asked if she was insulin resistant.

Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas that regulates blood sugar (glucose) in the body. Insulin is the key that lets blood sugar into cells for use as energy. Insulin resistance is when the body’s cells don’t respond well to insulin and cannot take up the glucose from your blood. This can result in higher blood sugar levels which can lead to weight gain and diabetes. Corey’s doctor confirmed she was insulin resistant, which prevented her from losing weight.

Dr. Thompson referred Corey to Enara Health. “The team-based approach to the Enara Health program is so beneficial to our patients. The care team helps with diet, activity and the mental component of weight loss; and it’s mostly done virtually!”

Since joining in February of 2023, Corey has lost 61 pounds!

“I have been able to move better and walk upstairs without losing my breath. Some may not think this is a big deal, but I can actually put my own socks on by myself,” Corey says.

Her journey began with a comprehensive evaluation that includes body composition, metabolic and hormonal testing, genetic testing, emotional assessment and a virtual visit with a medical provider who is an obesity medicine specialist. Corey learned a lot about herself from the genetic testing.

“I was excited to see what this test would say and how it could help me to continue to be healthy. There is something called “Satiety” that was below average for my body. Satiety is the satisfied feeling of being full after eating. I would eat a meal and 10 minutes later I was still hungry. I thought I was crazy because it just didn’t make sense. But the test helped me understand that this is true for me. So I have focused more on proteins and vegetables more than anything so I wouldn’t be hungry after a meal,” Corey says.

With the user-friendly Enara smartphone app, Corey connects with her care team.

“Enara has a different approach. They surround you with support from your nutritionist, an exercise specialist and a medical provider. They are available even when you don’t have an appointment. They also provide opportunities for education, exercise, support and recipes. I love that this is a virtual program,” Corey says.  

As part of her personalized plan, she takes a weekly injection of the obesity medication Wegovy, which has been extremely helpful with her appetite. She doesn’t eat as much food as she normally would, yet she feels full. She also learned to think of food differently.  

“My nutritionist has helped me with different recipes and looking at food as fuel and not comfort. She has helped me understand that it’s OK to have something you enjoy once in a while. As long as it’s not every meal,” she says.

Corey talked with her exercise specialists about workouts she has done in the past and activities she likes. The exercise specialists shared videos on how to use gym machines as well as YouTube workouts. Through genetic testing, Corey had also learned that her body responds better to cardio than any other kind of exercise.

“Which is great for me because I love doing cardio. I love walking, Zumba and growwithjo workouts,” Corey says.

Growwithjo is a YouTube channel by fitness trainer Johanna Devries who leads at-home workout videos such as dance parties, home walking workouts, muscle toning and more. Choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced. Jo focuses on women’s spiritual and physical health and joy of movement for women of all sizes.

As Corey continues her journey, she encourages others to join Enara Health. “DO IT! If you are tired of the way you look, how you feel and know you need more support than what you have, there’s nothing to lose. Except weight!”

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