Catherine Davis MD

Catherine Davis - Dermatology doctor at Madison East Dermatology

Dr. Catherine Davis

About Dr. Catherine Davis

Dr. Catherine Davis joined the Mankato Clinic in 1995.

Personal Information & Interests

Dr. Catherine Davis also volunteers by going on mission trips to Guatemala and Mexico with other Mankato Clinic physicians and staff for the organization Minnesota Doctors for People.

Expertise & Clinical Interests

She sees patients 21 and under. Her clinical interests include acne, eczema and warts.


Bush Fellowship: Dermatology
Board Certification(s)
Pediatrics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Medical Degree
Mayo Medical School, Rochester, MN
Interpreter services available.
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Additional Details

As already noted, we come to Mankato Clinic specifically to see Dr. Catherine Davis. She has a great, relatable style. I've always appreciated I could ask her what would you do if this was your child?' I trust and appreciate her.
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