March 25, 2020

Our neighborhood sidewalks are filled with colorful masterpieces and positive messages from our children and families! Sidewalk art is making many people smile right now. 

Many of our children are at home and they’ve started their distance learning. Remember, just like adults, they need brain breaks too! And when they’re playing, they’re still learning. Even just going for a walk in the neighborhood is an opportunity for them to move, talk and explore their world.

At Mankato Clinic Pediatric Therapy Services , our staff of occupational, physical and speech language therapists love working with children to help them reach their potential.

Here’s a list of our favorite things that are good for our children’s brains and bodies! A big thank you to NOAH (Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health) for some great ideas for these brain breaks. If you have time, do these fun things with your kids. Adults can benefit from the energy of play too!

5 Minute Breaks

  • Jump rope
  • Dance party to your favorite song
  • Do 5 different exercises for 1 minute each
  • Sing and act out your favorite songs
  • Make a paper airplane

15 Minute Breaks

  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Play outside
  • Build a LEGO sculpture
  • Play hide and seek
  • Fly a kite outside

30 Minute Breaks

  • Play a card game or board game
  • Do a simple nature scavenger hunt
  • Play with your favorite toys such as cars, trains, blocks, puzzles, Little People and more
  • Make an obstacle course outside or inside
  • Play dress up or build a fort with blankets and pillows