Shelby Wolf PhD, LP

Shelby Wolf - Psychology provider at Psychiatry & Psychology

"I work with children and families to connect with joy, intention, and compassion in each season of life. I practice from a trauma-informed, cultural lens, to help support you and your family, wherever you are in your journey. Together, we work as a collaborative team to problem-solve and develop an individualized care plan, tailored to you and your family, for everyone grows differently and at their own pace."

Shelby Wolf

About Shelby Wolf

Shelby Wolf, a native of Bethlehem, PA, joined the Mankato Clinic in October 2022

Personal Information & Interests

In her spare time, Shelby Wolf enjoys spending time outdoors, with family and friends, and reading. She also loves to travel with her family whenever possible to new destinations because life is an adventure.

Expertise & Clinical Interests

Her clinical interests include psychological assessments and behavioral therapy for children and adolescents with a focus on treating Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD and learning disabilities. She works to help children, adolescents and families achieve positive behavioral change in all stages of development.


Doctorate: Psychology
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
Licensed Psychologist
Bachelor Degree
Forensic Psychology
Masters Degree
Clinical Psychology
Interpreter services available.