Hearing Protection is a Must in Farming and Hunting 

September 30, 2022  By: Julia Omtvedt, Au.D, CCC-A Julia Omtvedt, Au.D, CCC-A, is an audiologist at Mankato Clinic Hearing Care Center.  Avoiding noise exposure is the best way to protect our hearing, but that’s not always realistic.   Farmers are at a particularly increased risk for hearing loss due to exposure to loud equipment and machinery … Continued

Take Steps to Prevent Falls 

September 13, 2022 by Katie Swanson, PT, DPT Did you know September is falls prevention awareness month? According to the CDC, 1 in 4 Americans aged 65+ fall each year.  A fall is not only landing on the ground after losing balance, but also falling into a wall, a piece of furniture, or to a lower surface … Continued

Racism Is a Public Health Crisis

July 19, 2022 Bukata Hayes trusts Dr. Caroline Baerg, his primary care physician at the Mankato Clinic Main Street location.  Bukata Hayes takes on racial and health equity Bukata Hayes of Mankato knows the score. As a Black man, he has a lower life expectancy than white men. African Americans are at a higher risk … Continued

Sports Physicals FAQ

What forms are required?  From 7th-12th grade, sports physicals are required in Minnesota for all athletes playing school sports. Here’s the 2022-23 Sports Physical Form from the Minnesota State High School League. By law, your teen athlete will need a sports physical every three years. Students must turn the completed form in to their athletic director … Continued

Self-Care is Not Selfish: Let’s Recharge

Let others help:  Many of us feel a lot of pressure to do everything ourselves. Doing it all may not be realistic. In fact, doing it all may be doing too much. Assign chores to your children. And when people offer help, say Yes. And learn to say No to things that do not bring … Continued

Reading Helps Kiddos Thrive

Run your finger under the words as you read to show your child that the print carries the story. Use funny voices and animal noises. Do not be afraid to ham it up! This will help your child get excited about the story. Stop to look at the pictures; ask your child to name things … Continued

Understanding Headache Pain: Everyone’s Ailment

March 8, 2014 Almost everyone has had a headache at one time or another. Headache is one of the most common health ailments with over 45 million Americans currently suffering from chronic headache. Headache accounts for more than three million visits to the emergency room and 80 million doctors’ office visits every year. Women account … Continued

Ovarian Cancer: Early Detection and Annual Exams Key to Survival

March 22, 2014 Ovarian cancer has long been known as a silent killer because there are few symptoms that present themselves until the disease has reached an advanced stage when it is least curable. And, unlike breast cancer which uses mammograms, and cervical cancer which uses pap smears as screening tools, ovarian cancer does not … Continued

Ensuring a Healthy Pregnancy

November 23, 2014 One of the best gifts expectant parents can give their baby is the gift of a healthy pregnancy. Expectant mothers who regularly receive prenatal care have healthier babies and are less likely to experience serious pregnancy-related complications. Early, regular prenatal care is the single most important thing an expectant mother can do … Continued