Tiffany Ward, Right, Before

Tiffany Ward, After

Tiffany Ward’s journey to wellness is a testament to resilience and the power of comprehensive health management.

“I have always struggled with my weight and have lost the same 30-50 pounds many times. I was ready to feel better in my skin and maintain my weight. I wanted to feel vibrant and be happier with myself. The weight was taking over, and it was all I could think about, instead of enjoying all the wonderful things in my life,” Tiffany Ward says. “Now I am much more concerned about my overall health than the scale!” 

Tiffany, owner of Indulge Salon & Tanning and co-owner of Winton + Co Boutique, is a wife and mother of four grown children. After turning 40, she was at her highest weight and felt the worst she has ever felt. She was also having gastrointestinal issues.  

She saw her primary care provider, Deb Schilling, PA-C, North Mankato Family Medicine. Deb told her losing weight may help relieve her GI issues and referred Tiffany to Enara Health at Mankato Clinic.  

Since September 2022, Tiffany has seen remarkable changes thanks to Enara Health’s medical weight loss program, which provides each member with a specialized care team of Medical Providers, Nutrition Specialists, and Exercise Specialists. Tiffany has lost 40 pounds, improved her blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and significantly altered her body composition.

“My blood sugar and cholesterol have dropped significantly. I was pre-diabetic when I began this journey and now my sugars are normal,” she says. “My skeletal muscle mass has gone up and my body fat percentage has dropped. In the last six months I have maintained my weight but continue to lose body fat and gain muscle. My body is still changing. In the past I would have felt defeated if I hit a plateau, but this is different because there is still progress being made. There are so many other things to measure your success by than just the scale.”  

For instance, Tiffany has lost visceral fat, the fat hidden near vital organs, and can increase the risk for heart disease and diabetes. Another bonus is she has stopped snoring.  

Enara Health is a telehealth program, supplemented by in-person visits for diagnostic tests and body composition scans at Mankato Clinic.  The program offers a holistic approach to weight management. Members undergo a comprehensive evaluation encompassing body composition, metabolic and hormonal testing, genetic testing, an emotional assessment, and regular consultations with a Medical Provider specializing in obesity medicine.

Tiffany was aware of metabolic issues as she has thyroid disease and her thyroid gland was removed. The thyroid gland controls metabolism, how the body turns food into energy. She learned she had a low metabolism and resistance to insulin which were preventing her from losing weight. There was more to learn.  

“I don’t have the signal that tells me when I am full. This was very validating to me because I never felt satisfied. I was depriving myself in fear of eating too much. I would put my body into famine mode,” Tiffany says. “I didn’t realize I was a binge eater. I kept swinging from not eating enough to overeating. Now I know my triggers and how to handle them.” 

She was open to weight loss medications and began with Metformin to control blood sugars before switching to WeGovy.  

“Instantly, I noticed I felt full. The feeling of being satisfied and knowing how much my body actually needs is so liberating,” she says.  

With the Enara smartphone app, Tiffany enjoys weekly check-ins with her care team and continuous support between visits. She tracks the food she eats by uploading pictures to her Nutrition Specialist. Her mindset about food has changed. She knows that “bad” foods, like carbs, are fine in moderation!  

“I can directly message my support team and they always respond timely,” Tiffany says. “I love the nutritional support.”   

With the care of a Nutrition Specialist, Tiffany discovered her GI issues are a combination of stress, food sensitivities and an intolerance to caffeine. “Now I recognize when stress is triggering my body. I am working on lowering my stress level and see major improvement.”  

With her Exercise Specialist, Tiffany formed a new relationship with exercise.  

“I absolutely hate exercise of any form, especially cardio, except walking. My Exercise Specialist honored that and gave me things I can do that don’t feel like exercise. Eventually I made it to the gym and she celebrated with me for walking in the door! I have found things to do at the gym that I actually enjoy and now crave,” she says.  

Tiffany’s advice to others who struggle with weight: “Look into the Enara Health program with Mankato Clinic. There’s blood work, genetic testing, metabolic testing, nutrition, exercise, behavioral health, tips, tricks, recipes, grocery shopping. It’s endless. After doing all the things with Enara Health – it’s easy, maintainable, and has given me an entirely different outlook on my health.” 

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