Prepare. Plan. Provide.

Traveling abroad may create health problems. By preparing, planning, and getting the proper care and information, you can protect yourself from getting sick or injured on your trip.



The Mankato Clinic Travel Program will assist you in preparing for your trip. We provide:

  •  Necessary Immunizations
  • Necessary Travel prescriptions
  • Health and Travel education for your travel
  • Personalized current health and safety guidelines for your trip.

The Mankato Clinic Travel Program is certified as a Yellow Fever Vaccination Center by the Minnesota Department of Health. We also supply a wide variety of vaccines that will meet your travel needs.



Begin your travel planning early. Some vaccines require boosters over several months. Some medications may require dosing before departure. You may want to click on prior to your visit.




The Mankato Clinic Travel Program services include: 

  • Pre-travel counseling
  • Current health and safety recommendations
  • Current travel advisories from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization
  • Post-travel examinations for travelers returning form their trips with illnesses, or concerns about potential exposures.

For more information about the Travel Medicine Program or to schedule an appointment, please call the following:

1809 Adams Street, Mankato, 507-385-4075

Dungan, James R, M.D.

Rath, Michael, M.D.

For additional information please call:

507-625-7684 or 1-800-657-6944